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2023-09-18 19:51:03
本文摘要:An Indian restaurant is set to become the first takeaway in the world to deliver its meals to customers doorsteps by drone.一家印度人进的餐馆要沦为全球第一个用于无人机将店内送来至客户家门的餐厅。

An Indian restaurant is set to become the first takeaway in the world to deliver its meals to customers doorsteps by drone.一家印度人进的餐馆要沦为全球第一个用于无人机将店内送来至客户家门的餐厅。The Don, in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, will fly its kormas and keema naans using a Phantom 3 drone so that hungry recipients can watch their dinner flying to their door.坐落于白金汉郡米尔顿·凯恩斯地区的“唐餐厅”将用于“幻影3号”无人机仓储咖喱和羊肉烤饼,饥饿的订餐者未来将会看见饭“飞”到家门口。The meals will be packaged in thermal takeaway bag that fits securely on the bottom rails of the drone.店内将装有在保温店内袋里,牢牢地被绑在无人机底部的横梁上。Restaurant owner Aki Rahman has applied for a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licence so he can legally pilot the aircraft.餐馆老板阿基·拉赫曼早已向民航局(CAA)申请人合法飞行中的许可。

The 30-year-old said: Im determined to beat Google and Amazon and be the first to use delivery drones.这位30岁的老板说道:“我要求迟至谷歌和亚马逊,沦为第一家用于无人机空投租车的公司”。Weve done a trial run to my grandmothers house and it all went well.“我们向我祖母家展开了一次首飞,一切顺利。

”The progress of the curry-drone will be tracked back at The Don restaurant, which is based on Elder Gate near Milton Keynes Central railway station, and a specialist camera will even film its progress.唐餐厅坐落于米尔顿·凯恩斯中央火车站附近的埃尔德门大街,工作人员将在餐厅动态监测装载着咖喱美味的无人机的飞行中路线,甚至有专门的摄像机记录下这一飞行中过程。Aki plans to offer customers a copy of the film showing how their meal travelled to them.阿基想为客户获取一份食物飞行中仓储时的视频。

The innovative restaurateur was today keeping his fingers crossed in the hopes that the CAA will grant him permission to fly over built-up areas where power lines can pose a problem.这位很有创意思维的老板正在祷告民航局能批准后他在这样建筑林立的地方飞行中,因为附近的电线有可能影响飞行中。Im 80 per cent sure I will be allowed, he said.“我有80%的做到能取得批准后,”他说道。But if not, I will stick to delivering in rural, open areas - perhaps delivering to a park if people want a special occasion picnic.“但如果没批准后,我会坚决在乡村空旷的地方用于——也许能给在公园野炊的人送来上一份尤其用餐。”The Don opened four months ago and prides itself on offering authentic Indian cuisine without colourings or additives to suit Western taste.这家餐馆营业四个月了,其特色在于获取原汁原味的印度菜,会为了适应环境西方人口味而加到任何色素或添加剂。

Aki added: These ingredients are not genuine. They are not what Indian people eat - and they would only provide more weight for my drone.阿基补足道:“这些添加剂不正宗。印度人吃这些东西——它们只不会减少无人机的阻抗。”The restaurant serves up a number of popular favourites including madras, vindaloo and jalfrezi, as well as a fiery dish called Naga made with the infamous worlds hottest naga chilli pepper.这家餐厅获取许多备受大众青睐的菜品,比如马德拉菜、文达卢咖喱肉、什锦蔬菜,以及一种名为“那特”的口味浓厚的菜,由世界闻名的最辣的那特辣椒烹调而出。